Monday, November 4, 2013

EA Sports Obama Drone Strike 2013

Recently a wave of seemingly bad publicity for America’s drone war has spilled out into the media.  This includes a quote in the new book Double Down: Game Change 2012 by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann in which President Obama boasts to aids that he is “really good at killing people.”  In another story, it seems that the Pakistanis are miffed that the U.S. offing of Taliban bigwig, Hakimullah Mehsud has screwed up recent peace negotiations and made a hero out of  a thug who heretofore regarded as a bad guy.

However bad this may appear on the surface, one must view this apparently adverse publicity through the lens of the ‘70s recording impresario, Neil Bogart who famously observed that “Good press is good press.  Bad press is good press.  No press is bad press.”

In reality, this tide of ink is nothing more than part of elaborate and sophisticated PR campaign that will get people talking about drones in advance of this season’s hottest video game release:  EA sports Obama Drone Strike 2013.  The game is set for release on Black Friday, November 29 just in time for the Christmas season.

In this hyper-realistic role playing game you assume the duties of our Commander in Chief who is also the fist Nobel Peace Prize winner to occupy the White House.  While sitting in the seat of power you will:

·         Receive intelligence briefings and  pick among alternative targets – some real, some bogus
·         Order the strike
·         Remotely navigate the drone
·         Identify the target
·         Terminate with extreme prejudice

Scoring is as follows:

·         100 points for every confirmed “high profile” terrorist killed
·         One additional point for every confirmed low level operative that is confirmed dead
·         Five points are deducted for every collateral civilian that is terminated
·         Ten points are deducted for every child that you take out

Lesser point totals are earned or deducted for those who are merely maimed but not killed.
The scoring scale is roughly in keeping with the odds of successfully delivering a high profile prize and inflicting collateral damage.

Players who chose to play the interactive, multiplayer online version will compete to win the honor of conducting an actual drone strike alongside of the POTUS himself in the Oval Office.  The winner and our Nobel Laureate President will undertake the attack live on national TV during halftime of the 2014 Super Bowl on February 2. 

The halftime target will be selected the week prior during the Pro Bowl via a nationwide cell phone poll. The selection show will hosted by Ryan Seacrest, John Stewart, General Colin Powell and Paris Hilton.

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