Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Work 40!

For the past half decade the White House has combated childhood obesity via the First Lady’s Play 60 campaign.  The idea is to get kids up off their butts, away from video games and to head outdoors for vigorous exercise like tag, dodge ball, touch football, hop scotch, etc like kids did back in the old days.

Bully for you, FLOTUS!

Now is the time for the for the First Family to step back up to the plate to get America’s grownups to put down the remote, turn off Dr. Phil, get out of the house and back on the job.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Work 40!

You don’t need me to rehash the facts – ongoing high unemployment, record low workforce participation, record high long term disability claims and extended unemployment benefits.  Evidently North Carolina has put its foot down on perpetual jobless benefits and it seems to be working.   The liberal media begs to differ.

If we put all partisan bickering aside, it is clear that people do not need to econ majors to make decisions on the margin.  If you can sit at home for $40K a year or work for $50K, it’s a no-brainier that you are really working for only $10K.  Only a fool would do that. 

Incentives matter.  The Cato Institute illustrates how it is financially more advantageous to live on government assistance as opposed to going to work.

It’s high time we got behind a culture change like “Work 40!” rather than incentivizing sloth.

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