Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cory Booker and the Silly Spider

This morning I discovered a huge spider, the size of a half dollar, spinning an expansive web that extended from the trees on one side of the street to the trees on the other.  It was an awesomely ambitious undertaking, an engineering marvel sure to ensnare more bugs than this spider could hope to eat in his brief life.

In spite of the excellence and the extravagance of the spider’s handiwork, the entire undertaking was doomed to failure.  I blithely drove right through the web on my way to the park for my morning jog.  The spider did what came naturally him to the best of his abilities; however, he had no way of understanding that his masterwork was built across a well trafficked artery.

This futile web weaving brought to mind Cory Booker and his new senatorial campaign commercial.  A messianic Booker mingles with the Hoi Palloi painting fantastic thought pictures and utopian visions.  If elected he will save Social Security and Medicare.  He will raise the minimum wage.

In a bizarre twist, the common folk with whom Cory is communing, smile vacantly and then, when the candidate makes another promise, burst out in laughter like so many demented Joe Bidens.

Medicare and Social Security have proven to be costly and unsustainable failures.  By increasing the minimum wage, he will make it ever more difficult for the least skilled and least qualified job seekers to gain valuable work experience and advance themselves.

Is Corey Booker really as dumb as unlucky spider?  Does he really believe that these New Deal and Great Society antiquities can continue to stand the tests of time and reason?  Does he really expect that raising the price low productivity labor will propel unskilled workers into middle class comfort? 

Or, is he just spinning the usual web of charm and illusion that captures unsuspecting voters year after year?

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