Sunday, July 7, 2013

No Good Deed Acknowledged

The always cash strapped New York mass transit system just dispatched workers to rip out flowers at one of its commuter rail stations.   This flora was planted, free of charge, by a benevolent citizen in a random act of beautification.

The absurdity of this first prompted me to post on Facebook that We like to think that a lot of today's liberals were Flower Children back in the Sixties. Apparently not these guys.

However, that snarky posting did not put the incident to rest for me.  It hit that this was a perfect illustration of how statists see the world.  The statist truly believes that if the government did not do any given thing, that thing cannot exist.  Thus random acts of kindness or beauty cannot be allowed to happen. 

Thus the flowers had to go – even if the rail system has trouble paying its works to do necessary jobs.

Thus it makes sense that President Obama seeks to reduce tax deductions for charitable giving while simultaneously adding more and more Americans to Food Stamps and disability roles.  Likewise, he makes it ever more difficult for faith based institutions to continue serving the needy via the HHS mandates.

Thus it is that both President Obama and Elizabeth Warren could scold America’s entrepreneurs with straight faces and total conviction that, “you didn’t build” your own enterprises.  Government did it for you.

It is obvious that for our overseers in Washington, in our statehouses and in our city halls, nothing of value can exist that does not emanate from government.  Our role is simply to pay the bills with money that we did not earn.

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