Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Getting F***ed By Statists (Literally)

A wise man taught me that there can be no rape in a system that preaches, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. 

Under this doctrine if someone requires sexual gratification and another can provide it, they must.  There is no ethical barrier to prevent the needy one from helping himself to that which placates his cravings.  Need justifies taking.

Lest you think that this is hyperbole, check out this recent story from Japan about sex slavery during World War II.   As many as 200,000 women were forced to provide sexual favors to Japanese soldiers. Similarly, over 34,000 European women were forced into prostitution by Nazi Germany

In our own day, there is compelling evidence that the young girls kidnapped by the aspiring Boko Haram caliphate will be sold into sex slavery.

The story is a little different in China.  Because of their one child policy, women are forcibly violated by the abortionist.  The Chinese government reports that over 335 million children have been aborted between 1980 when the policy was instituted and March 2013 when they released the count.  If you are pro-life, this is genocide of unimaginable proportions.  If you are pro-choice, where is the choice?

Like many an ill conceived collectivist scheme, the One Child Policy has engendered unforeseen consequences.  Among them is the shortage of young people to provide for aging parents and grandparents.  This is called the 4-2-1 problem (4 grandparents, 2 parents, 1 child to care for them).

The other Chinese problem is “Gendercide”.  Couples who can have only one child often desire a male.  This leads to the abandonment, abortion and even murder of girls.   According to,  “the shortage of marriageable women has fueled the demand for the trafficking of women for forced marriages.”  As it does so often, collectivism leads to female abuse.

Collectivism is any governmentally coercive system that places the claims of society above the rights of the individual.  It goes by many names including socialism, communism, fascism, nationalism and tribalism.  Of course the needs and “claims of society” are determined by a small cadre of ruling elites.  Collectivism is always about the rule of man as opposed to the rule of principle or law.

Self ownership is a foundational principle of American ordered liberty.  Self ownership is anathema to statists who consider individuals to be nothing more than cogs in the machine, grist in the mill.

Although collectivism in the U.S. has not yet reached the brutal excesses of the aforementioned dictatorships, it is slowly creeping up on us.  We have drifted far from our founding principles.

Tax Freedom Day is that day when the average American ceases to work to pay taxes and begins to work for the benefit of himself and his household. At the beginning of the last century that day fell on January 22 or about 6% into the year.  In 2014, that date has moved back to April 13 or 29% of the year.  That tells us that Americans are compelled, enslaved if you will, to work 3.5 months per year to provide their government with money to transfer to favored clientele.  Still, the State is growing ever bolder as it tries using legislation to nullify religious freedom via the HHS Mandate.

Of greater concern is the way that American elites use the subtle theft of monetary expansion to finance wars.  The advent of the Federal Reserve, over a century ago, has empowered our leaders wage endless wars from 1914 onward killing millions worldwide.

The State always tends towards collectivism and to aggregate more power to itself.  It will extort resources from the disenfranchised many for the benefit of favored few.  If you not numbered among the State’s elect, rest assured that you will be screwed financially, sexually or, perhaps, for good.


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