Friday, August 22, 2014

A Note From The Sports Desk

Philadelphia, PA - Under the deft guidance of Sam Hinke, the 76ers lost spectacularly during the past season and anticipate a repeat performance next year.   They are doing so on a shoestring payroll with young players and an eye to future glory.
A few blocks up the street, the Phillies are doing an equally fine job of losing. Unfortunately, the Phils are doing it with expensive older players who will only get worse with age.
American in 2014 may well be the 2014 Phillies – old and overspent with no real plan for a better future.   
Like the Phillies, we could dump existing lineup, but is there really anything better in the farm system?  What we have is another crop of palookas intent upon clocking in time to qualify for pensions and earn their slots on banquet circuit.
America should take a cue from Coach Chip at the Linc and put in whole new system.  Maybe the whole liberal democracy thing has run its course.  Maybe Lord Action was correct in saying that “power corrupts”.   Perhaps 250 years of corruption has rotted the hull of our sinking ship of state.
Maybe a whole new playbook, a New Liberty is called for.  Let’s concede that American constitutional democracy created greater opportunities for individual social and economic advancement than monarchy, feudalism and all of the aristocratic caste systems that preceded it.  Still our best days seemed to have passed as prosperity wanes, debt rises, dependency grows and the ruling parties slather on war paint.
Fueled by the chicanery of central bankers, nation state economies the world over are teetering on collapse.  This includes Russia, China, Western Europe and the Developing World
No one wants to see hardship but the worldwide house of cards is due to collapse and a global correction is coming.   
When that correction comes it will serve us well to look to the prescriptions of Mises, Hayek, Rothbard and the Austrian School in rebuilding.   This generation may have a golden opportunity to reboot a world that is free of heavy handed statism with its never ending wars, intrusiveness, welfare dependency and monetary crises.
And that’s all she wrote, sports fans.

This blog is dedicated to the late sports editor of Rolling Stone Magazine, Raoul Duke, and to the Vincent Black Shadow.

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