Sunday, November 2, 2014

Consent Withheld – Election Day 2014

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed
Philadelphia, July 4, 1776

The secret ballot be damned.  Here's just what I am going to do when I step into the booth on Tuesday morning.

1.       I will pull the lever for Joe Baratelli, the Libertarian Party for U.S. Senate.
2.       I will write in my Tea Party pal, Conni Hare Murray for  the House Seat that John Runyon is vacating
3.       I will flip the switch to register my votes leaving all other offices blank - unvoted for - in effect voting "none of the above".

Joe is a committed libertarian, an opponent of all things statist.  He was a tireless campaigner on behalf of Ron Paul.  Conni is not so much libertarian but she is a passionate believer in constitutional limited government, the Bill of Rights and the Enumerated Powers.  She is smart, honest and good hearted.  We could do much worse.

As for the rest, I, the governed, am withholding my consent.

I am withholding consent from the one Party that masquerades as two.  I am writhing consent from those campaigning under the Democrat and Republican brand names that:

·         Are wholly owned subsidiaries of Goldman-Sachs
·         Endorse a Federal Reserve System that creates currency out of thin air - enriching elite Wall Streeters robbing regular guy and gal on Main Street.
·         Support the Federal income tax and its thug squad, the IRS who violate our privacy, hold taxpayers guilty until proven innocent, destroy lives and serve as a harassment tool for the entrenched powers.  The best that our D&R pols will do is debate what is the most just percentage to steal and which friends deserve the family and friends discount.
·         Kowtow to the empire's war machine, rubber stamping violations of other nations' sovereignty and condoning the murder of innocents by droning and strategic bombing.  Occasionally they feign to object when the other Party Brand occupies the White House.
·         Continually raise the size, scope and expense of government.  Wasn't it the great neocon Republican, Dick Cheney, who told us that "deficits don't matter"?  So what are they bitching about now?
·         Created and sustained a criminal class and shadow economy with their War on Drugs. 
·         Drive up the price of the food we eat with agricultural price supports. Isn't raising food prices criminal in world where people are going hungry?
·         Agree that citizens can be indefinitely imprisoned without trial or recourse to habeas corpus if the executive arbitrarily declares them a security threat.

For these reasons and more, I am withholding my consent from being governed by elected officials of the either the Democrat or Republican wing of the One Party.

Consider this, in the United States less than half of the eligible population votes.  In presidential years that percentage is higher and in midterm years lower.  If the Rs and Ds are essentially neck and neck, this means that 25% - 30% percent chose our government.

 It also means that about half of all voters chose no one.  If a given Presidential candidate were to win 60% of the vote when only 60% of the eligible voters voted, he would claim a landslide.  A mandate – “the people have spoken”. 

Not true.  Even in that extreme case only 36% of voters would have chosen him.  The winner is None Of The Above with 40%.  However, neither the ruling oligarchs nor the media mouthpieces report it that way.  They unfailingly assure us that this minority endorsement legitimizes the junta.  That’s a shame.

That is why I am calling on those who are fed up with rubber stamp one party rule to show up at the polls, choose none of losers on the ballot and then register that you withheld consent by picking none of them.

Could you imagine reading in your morning paper that in Any District, USA the following totals were reported?

·         Voter Turnout:       1,000,000
·         Voted Democrat:      240,000
·         Voted Republican:    230,000
·         Voted No One:          530,000

That would be true reflection of the legitimacy of our government.  It would send the message that “we are mad as hell, and we’re not gonna take it anymore”!

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