Thursday, October 30, 2014

Terms of Endearment

The party of the Right has its bloomers in a bunch because the party of the little guy evidently dissed the little lady once again.  This time around, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen called his opponent, South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, a “whore”.

Before rushing to condemn Mr. Sheheen, let’s take a moment to reflect.  Being a man of the Left, we can assume that Sheheen holds liberal views on sexual issues. Therefore it is likely that he holds favorable views on legalized prostitution.  This would align him with leading libertarians such as Walter Block and Murray Rothbard.  In fact, no less of an authority than St. Augustine of Hippo, acknowledged the vital social function that prostitution provides and opposed outlawing it.   Therefore, by calling Governor Haley a whore, perhaps Sheheen was paying her a compliment as being someone who performs a vital social function.

Comedian Bill Maher is one more liberal who was unfairly castigated for calling another woman Governor a c**t.  From what we know about Maher, it can reliably asserted that the organ he referenced is his favorite part of the female anatomy, one he frequently pursues.   Now being a progressive and forward looking guy, I’m sure that he also rates the brain fairly high among female body parts – surely in the top 10-20%.  So, how I ask, can equating someone to something that you love so much be considered disparaging?  Once again this is case of a misunderstood complement.

Chivalry is not dead on the Left.  In the “war on women”, Democrats are a lady’s best friend, her protectors.  They love women. 

As Governor, Bill Clinton loved women so much that he had the State Police bring ordinary, everyday women to his office for private meetings.  Imagine the thrill of a one on one encounter with a handsome young governor.  What a mensch!

The Kennedys – Jack, Bobby, Ted and Cousin Mike in Connecticut – loved women to death.

In the radical Sixties, the militant Stokely Charmichael, remarked that the only position for women in his movement was “prone”.  He clearly understood just how hard women work and wanted to see them get a break and lie down a bit.

Returning to the top of the essay, it may be that Sheheen’s “whore” comment had no sexual connotation whatsoever. 

As we know many African Americans will use the otherwise verboten n-word among themselves as a token of respect and solidarity, as acknowledgment of a unique bond that they share.  Could it be that Sheneen calling Haley a whore was a tip of the hat to a sister in arms?  After all, aren’t all D&R politicians Wall Street’s bitches and whores to big donors?  Don’t they all roll over for the military industrial establishment and the war machine?

This must be a term of endearment.  After all, one politician spitefully calling another a whore is like the pasta calling the Alfredo white.


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