Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Practical Anarchist Faces Unemployment

At long last the old Two Percenter has joined the ever swelling ranks of jobless Americans.  And though he is no bum and a principled anti-statist, he faces a moral quandary.  Does he accept unemployment insurance payments?

On one hand, my State’s online benefits calculator advises that I am entitled to receive a paltry $16K in total benefits.  After over 40 years of paying to unemployment “insurance”, it seems only fair to get a piece of that back.  In fact my lifetime contributions will far exceed my benefit.

On the other hand, America’s unemployment insurance system is not really insurance at all.  Insurance is a wager of small sum against the odds of an unpleasant and expensive calamity occurring in one’s life.  The odds are calculated by actuaries and the financial pool is statistically self-sustaining with wagers and investment income on the premiums outpacing payouts.  State sponsored unemployment plans are funded by current tax dollars.

 Given that taxation is theft and most premium pools are bankrupt, any benefits that I might receive could be construed an act of theft on my part.

The lame justification for my thievery could be that someone stole from me therefore I am justified in stealing from someone else.  However, an eye for an eye system of justice only works when you put out the eye of the perpetrator who put out yours.  There is no justice in blinding an innocent bystander.

One might ask, why is there long term unemployment and a need to insure against it?  In a free market, temporary unemployment occurs when an individual fails to compete effectively in the marketplace.  Consumer dollars move away from the poor competitor and he moves onto another sector where he can compete more effectively.

However, America in 2014 does not boast a free market economy.  In today’s crony-fascist system, market mobility is hampered by union work rules, government regulation, tax penalties on successful firms, subsidies to connected losers, transfers to favored constituents and unsustainable monetary inflation.

So in another sense, unemployment is throwing the little guy a $16K bone to placate him while heavy hitters steal billions.

The Two Percenter is that little guy and he is fond of humble creature comforts.  He enjoys dining on gourmet
fare, imbibing premium distilled spirits and smoking fine cigars.  He does not relish the prospect of going without.

He is also a Boomer in a Millennial world.  In his chosen trade of advertising and marketing, chubby middle aged guys with white hair are looked on as being insufficiently “digital”.    Therefore this perceived Neanderthal who maintains a blog, promotes it on social media and broadcasts via digital streaming audio will strive to hone his digital chops so as to compete effectively in the 21st Century.

So this practical anarchist will hope that he can work hard enough and fast enough to be working again before unemployment kicks in.  If that doesn’t work out, he will accept his check while continuing the job search and upgrading his skills.  He will rationalize this acquiescence to the welfare state by believing that it is his just due for being screwed by fat cat crony capitalists and corrupt politicians.

Hey, he ain’t no saint.  

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