Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beggar Nation

It’s official.  The U.S. of A. is now a beggar nation.  A federal court has declared that begging is a Constitutional right

It should come as no surprise that after a solid century of Progressivism and economic meddling from both parties that America has come to this.

It is also fitting that the ruling came in Detroit, once the pinnacle of America’s industrial might, now the bleeding edge of destitution.

To be sure, I much prefer outright begging to the tax, print and spend welfare state.  It is much more honest and forthright.  Begging is much more forthright than a life on feigned disability or interminable unemployment.  Alms to beggars are entirely voluntary and you can see who your money goes to.  This is entirely unlike the thievery of taxation and the fraud that you money is going to help the poor.  No, it’s going to politicians, bureaucrats and the like who hold the poor in dependency for their own selfish benefit.

Begging has a long and honorable tradition.  St Francis of Assisi and Mother Theresa did it.  The three Abrahamic religions all encourage almsgiving. Jesus himself called upon those who are blessed with riches to help the poor.  But He never held a gun to anyone’s head to do so.  

Jesus also taught us to “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”.  I’m cool with that and would render unto Obama what is Obama’s.  However, I can’t find his face on anything but rodeo clowns.

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