Saturday, August 17, 2013

Uncle Cholly

As I write this, the big news in town is that Charlie Manuel has been canned.  Lovable Uncle Cholly was the most successful Phillies manager ever.  He won far more games than any of his predecessors and only two years ago set a franchise record for the most victories in a season. He is only one of two Phillies' managers to win a World Series and the only one to take his squad there twice.

However, baseball is a “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately?” business in a “what-have-you-done-for-me-lately?” world”. The past doesn’t count for much except at testimonial dinners.  It’s all about the present and what lies ahead. 

My Phils will miss the playoffs for the second straight year and have taken an absolute nose since the All-Star break this year.

American liberty is on the same trajectory as Charlie’s team.  The NSA is looking and listening in on all of our communication.   The IRS is scheming to trip up dissenters.  The government is stocking up on drones to observe us and bullets in case we step out of line.  They are paying for everything that they buy from us with funny money that is soon to be worthless.  Our biggest auto maker is now a government run enterprise and Wall Street, Goldman Sachs is now little more than a print shop for the Treasury.  Soon we will be taking a number to stand in line to receive government dispensed medical care and the Feds will be in full possession of your records.  If you want to get to know yourself, ask the Feds.  They know more about you than you do.

Of course, if you complain too much, the Feds may conclude that you are an Al-Qaeda sympathizing terrorist.  This is proof enough to whisk you away to indefinite detention to a place where no one can find you.

Like the Phillies, America has had a good run but is now in the toilet.  Like the Phillies, liberty lovers cannot count upon the old lions to come the rescue.  Their day is passed.
It is up to the young people to step up and create their future.  We are armed with the technical and scientific tools to create worldwide peace and prosperity if enough people  demand liberty.  Or those same tools and technologies can be turned against by our government overseers, turning the Earth into one big Gulag Archipelago.

Like the Phillies, America stands at a crossroads.  The future is ours to claim or squander.

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"Half the people are stoned and the other half are waiting for the next election.
Half the people are drowned and the other half are swimming in the wrong direction."
Paul Simon