Monday, August 5, 2013


Democrats want to bail out Detroit (again).  Republicans really have no idea what to do (what’s new?).  Some libertarians propose turning Detroit into a free city like Hong Kong to unleash the healing powers of liberty and free enterprise.

What libertarians and constitutional conservatives should agree upon is that Mo-Town should be become NoMo-Town!

That’s right, no-mo bailouts.  The Feds have bailed out Chrysler twice (remember Lee Iacocca?) and turned GM into Government Motors.  President Obama already called that Detroit’s bailout and claimed that saved Mo-Town from bankruptcy.  How’d that work out?  NoMo!

NoMo UAW with its cushy and inflexible work rules that drove jobs to overseas and to right to work states.  NoMo!

NoMo Public Employee Unions that negotiate fat pension deals that are fiscally impossible to sustain.  The math never worked to begin with.  NoMo negotiating with politicians whose jobs were bought and paid for by the unions themselves.  NoMo!

NoMo welfare that makes it more attractive to have children that you cannot support and to not work rather than do the right thing.  NoMo!

NoMo job killing regulations including minimum wage laws that make it impossible to start and sustain viable private businesses.

NoMo punitive property taxes that make home ownership unaffordable for struggling people.  Detroit has the highest in the state which explains it high abandonment rate.  NoMo!

MoTown was once the shining example of American capitalism.  It offered the highest wages in America for those willing to work and it attracted workers from all over.

NoMo-Town is the vision of America’s future under socialism, corruption and crony capitalism.  It is what East Germany was and is on its way to becoming North Korea.

Do not let the Democrats bail out the politicians or corrupt Republicans shovel money to their corporate friends.  NoMo!

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