Monday, January 26, 2015

Don’t Cry For Christina, Argentina

According to Yahoo! News, Argentine Federal Prosecutor Alberto Nisman “was found dead with a
bullet to the head in his Buenos Aires home on Sunday, just before he was set to go before a congressional hearing to accuse (President) Kirchner and Foreign Minister Hector Timerman of shielding Iranian officials implicated in the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center that killed 85 people.

With spin moves worthy of the Bolshoi Ballet, Argentine President Christina Kirchner has proclaimed Nisman’s death first to be a suicide and then a murder staged by a rival party to in order to make it appear as if she is trying to cover her tracks.

The narrative leading up to Nisman’s demise this past weekend is as follows:

1.       In 1994 a bombing of the Argentinian Jewish Mutual Association center in killed 85 people.  The case was never solved but evidence indicates Iranian involvement, specifically the former Iranian cultural attaché in Mohsen Rabbani.
2.       In 2013 Argentina agreed to cease investigation of this crime and cancel all Interpol warrants for the Iranian suspects.   The investigation would be turned over to an Iranian “truth commission”.
3.       The flip side of this deal was that Iran would exchange its oil for Argentine wheat, thereby easing Argentina’s energy crisis while boosting exports.
4.       Prosecutor Nisman asserted that this murder cover up was orchestrated by President Kirchner and through illegal non-diplomatic back-channels.
5.       Nisman was prepared to go before Argentine lawmakers on Monday (1/26) with a detailed 300 page indictment before death changed the plan.

In a related story, Damian Pachter, the first journalist to break the Nisman execution story, has fled the country, fearing for his life.

For those readers of the” it-can’t-happen-here” persuasion, let’s take a stroll 22 years down memory lane.

Vince Foster was a White House attorney and former law partner at the Rose Law Firm with then-First Lady, Hilary Clinton back in Little Rock.  Foster had first-hand knowledge and provided direct linkage between the Clintons and their nefarious business dealings in that murky Arkansas backwater.   Muckraking vultures were circling and Foster was panicked.  He had drafted his resignation note and was scheduled to tender it to President Bill Clinton on the morning of July 21, 1993.

Conveniently for the Clintons, that meeting never happened.  Foster turned up dead, also with a bullet in his head, in Fort Marcy Park in suburban Virginia.  Foster spent the morning of July 20 at the White House and was in attendance at a ceremony announcing Louis Freeh as the new head of the FBI.

Then according to Michael Rivero of What Really Happened,

The White House is the most secure private residence in the world, equipped with a sophisticated entry control system and video surveillance system installed by the Mitre Corporation. Yet no record exists that Vincent Foster left the White House under his own power on July 20th, 1993. No video of him exiting the building exists. No logbook entry shows he checked out of the White House.

Several hours after he was last seen inside the White House, Vincent Foster was found dead in Fort Marcy Park”.

No records or video indicate that he left work in the most secure building in the world.  To this day, the official accounts of Foster’s death do not add up.  They are are inconsistent and rife with contradictions..

What’s the lesson here?  When collectivists accuse capitalists of “cutthroat competition” they are speaking metaphorically.  Businesses compete via improved efficiency, price cutting, innovation and clever marketing.  Political players, on the other hand, are the literal cutthroats.

A bit Later in his administration, when he was embroiled in the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, Prescient Clinton launched highly publicized air and missile strikes on a little known Islamist named Osama bin-Laden.  Strangely enough, as this was happening, the Hollywood spoof, Wag the Dog, was hitting the theaters.  The film’s premise was that a sitting President stages a war to distract the country form his own child-sex scandal.

In the movie, the “war” was a hoax, a staged media event.  President Clinton actually bombed human beings.  The Film & History website reports:

…on August 20, 1998 (President Clinton) stated that “Our forces also attacked a factory in Sudan associated with the bin Laden [terrorist] network. The factory was involved in the production of materials for chemical weapons.” Initially, the media accepted this statement as fact. In an August 22nd Gallup Poll, Clinton’s action was applauded by two thirds of the respondents.
The facts, as they gradually emerged, tell a far different story. Key evidence for this ‘nerve gas’ accusation was a soil sample taken in December, 1997 across an access road about 60 feet from the factory.   A private lab (why tests were not conducted in a federal facility is unclear) concluded that this indicated the presence of a critical component in the making of nerve gas. According to less-than-reliable clandestine sources (the American Embassy in Khartoum was closed in January, 1996), this factory was under tight security and, thus, was not available for personal inspection.
Scientists observed that this sample may well have been contaminated by sloppy collection procedures. Moreover, scientists questioned whether this component was related to any ‘nerve gas’ process.
The purported ‘nerve gas’ factory had, with private U. S. engineering assistance, been constructed as a pharmaceutical plant supplying about half of the Sudan’s medical needs. On August 26, 1998 a British technician, who had been a technical supervisor in the 1992-1996 construction of this factory, said that he had gone into every corner of the plant and that there was no ‘high security.’
This “secret plant” was officially opened by the British ambassador. A World Health Organization inspected the plant in December, 1997. Other recent visitors included an American delegation, which had inspected this medical facility.
There had been serious doubts within the U. S. government about this purported ‘nerve gas’ facility. At the State Department, analysts in the office of Intelligence & Research published a paper that challenged the alleged nature of this facility. Major doubts were also raised by the head of the CIA Directorate of Operations, the CIA African division chief, and the chief of CIA’s Counterterrorism Center. CIA “Slam Dunk” Tenet, though he stated that the link between bin Laden and the factory could only be drawn by inference, expressed greater certainty of the plant’s involvement with chemical weapons.

The reality is that governments will not stop at murder to protect and defend the interests of officeholders.  The only difference is that that when the killing is done on the group plan, we call it “defense” and “war”.
 Meanwhile, back in Argentina voters are nonplussed.  Fox reports that: “Death of prosecutor shakes faith in president, government institutions in Argentina”.  The story relates how:
“Many Argentines say the mysterious death has underscored an erosion of faith in the country's institutions and in (Kirchner) at a time when her administration is struggling to fight economic ills and rising street crime.
"I'm depressed," said Manuela Luis Dia, a 54-year-old maid who supported (Kirchner) in the last elections. "We don't know who to trust anymore."
Do ya’ think?
Maybe if anything good is to come from Mr. Nisman’s death, it will be to open eyes as to what government is really all about.
 Don’t cry for Christina Kirchner, Argentina.  Pray for yourselves and for your children,

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