Friday, February 13, 2015

Piltdown, Polar Bears, Ponzi and Fiat Money

Up until now, the Piltdown Man was one of the great scientific hoaxes of all time. In 1912, a collection of carefully doctored human-like remains were unearthed near the village of Piltdown in Sussex, England.  These findings were put forward and readily accepted as the missing evolutionary link between man and ape.  This farce stood for nearly 50 years as scientific “consensus” until it was demonstrated that this discovery was a mélange of human and orangutan bones of fairly recent vintage.  They had been dyed and filed to look like the Real McCoy fossils of a heretofore unknown species.
To this day, the jokesters remain anonymous and no one was bilked out of billions of dollars.  The worst that can be said is that the worldwide scientific community got punked and ate a healthy slice of humble pie.
Scientific shenanigans are afoot again in new millennium.  This time the tables are turned.  Scientists are pulling the wool over our eyes with the climate change scam. In a February 7 Telegraph article, Christopher Booker reports on how global temperature data has been fudged upward at monitoring stations throughout the world.  The article is based upon the investigations of Paul Homewood.  Booker writes:
“When future generations look back on the global-warming scare of the past 30 years, nothing will shock them more than the extent to which the official temperature records – on which the entire panic ultimately rested – were systematically “adjusted” to show the Earth as having warmed much more than the actual data justified.”
 But what about those poor polar bears whose icy home is melting away?  Homewood demonstrates that is not global warning that is causing the thaw.  Rather the diminished ice is the result of:
“cyclical shifts in a major Atlantic current – this last peaked at just the time 75 years ago when Arctic ice retreated even further than it has done recently. The ice-melt is not caused by rising global temperatures at all.”
And why would scientists throughout the world be party to such as scam?  The reason is that “Big Science” is underwritten by “Big Government”.  Just as Big Government handsomely paid Big Science to create weapons of mass destruction and disruption, they are now in cahoots to shake taxpayers down with the warming scare.
Another present day “scientific” canard comes courtesy of those who practice economics as if it were particle physics.  Econometricians would have us think they can pull a few levers and people will respond predictably as if they were rats in a Skinner Box.  

Thus central bankers adjust the flow of legal tender intent upon modifying our behavior, supposedly for our own wellbeing.  Here is what happens:
1.     Elite bankers and financiers get newly created money first to invest or spend it as they see fit.
2.     This new money makes it way downstream in the economy, thereby devaluing the currency that Joe and Jane Sixpack hold.  This drives up the nominal cash prices of the things that Joe and Jane must buy.  Meanwhile the elites were able to buy things at lower prices before inflationary pricing kicked in.
3.     The U.S. Fed seems pleased with itself that the Consumer Price Index is increasing at a “modest” and “steady” 2% per year.
4.     This means that if Joe and Jane just hold on to their money, it decreases in worth by 2% each year.
5.     Since The Fed is also suppressing interest rates at near 0%, Joe and Jane will still lose purchasing power by putting money in a savings account – formerly a time honored way of building up middle class wealth in America.
6.     So it order to break even, Joe and Jane must move their savings into risky investments like securities and commodities.
7.     This again benefits the elite Wall Street crowd by artificially pumping up the value of the stocks and bonds that they hold.
The schemes of Charles Ponzi fleeced a handful of greedy investors who should have known better.  The
policies of The Fed and world’s central bankers rob unsuspecting millions of their savings.  They encourage malinvestment and inflate financial bubbles that create hardship and misery on a global scale.
The real question is, “why do people keep falling for the empty promises of the ruling elites?”  I suspect it that people have lost faith in themselves and in any other higher power.  Therefore, like captives under the spell of a worldwide Stockholm Syndrome, they wish to believe that their captors have their best interests at heart.
The moral at the end of Steve Goodman’s con man saga, Turnpike Tom, is this:
“Remember that you only fall for
Lies and stories when you really want to”

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