Thursday, February 20, 2014

Climate Change – The Model

Planet Earth has not warmed for 16 years yet it should have.  Who says?  The Model.

Despite the data, the President calls for a cool Billion in Climate Change funding.  Why?  The Model.

Also in the face of said data, international diplomats in dark suits who ride in limos and fly in private jets insist that climate change will bring about a catastrophe ob Biblical proportions.  Governments must take charge! Why?  The Model strikes again.

A skeptical public who is suffering through the worst winter in memory rightly asks WTF is up with all this Global Warming talk?  Can’t they see that we are snowed in, missing work, slipping on ice and freezing our butts off?  The statists respond by calling upon scientists to explain to us dummies how the (unobserved & undocumented) polar warming is actually making our world colder.  All this is explained in The Model.

This begs the question:  can the poles get so hot that the entire earth freezes over?  This recalls the famous conundrum that George Carlin proposed, “Can God create a rock so heavy that he cannot lift it?”

It is fitting that we should segue to The Almighy.  Despite years of empirical contradiction, the Warmers cling to their Model with a tenacity as ferocious as any Creationist clings to Genesis.  This is clearly an instance of faith exceeding reason.

Listen, when I was a kid, I liked models too.

I built model railroads….

 and airplanes….

and naval vessels…..

and hot rods.

Even as child, however, I never confused my model planes, trains and automobiles with the real thing.  I never believed that I possessed an actual fighter jet, battleship or GTO.  Yet climate alarmists doggedly believe that they are holding on to the truth.

As the Good Book says, “when I became a man, I put away my childish things”.   I  became enamored with models of another sort.

Sadly, these models are no more rooted in reality than climate change models.

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