Monday, February 24, 2014

Are We Kiev?

The news from the Ukraine is grim.  The people are assembled to redress grievances with their government and the government is gunning them down.  What’s going on here?

Discontent began bubbling up towards the end of last year over trade alliances.  The government is cozying up to Putin’s Russia while the dissenters preferred alignment with the European Union.  As the controversy wore on additional issues, domestic concerns came to the fore.  Issues that have been mentioned in the press include(state run)  “healthcare and education systems that do not operate on bribes” as well as the chief executive’s  ‘dictatorial’ powers, particularly his control of the economy and the security forces” not to mention “perceived sleaze and corruption within” the government.

Really?  How different is this then America in 2014? 

Our government is in bed with all sorts of creeps internationally while many of our young men and women sacrifice life and limb to protect thugs, crooks and dictators.

America’s state run schools exist to enrich bureaucrats and unions while failing our kids and filling their heads with nonsense.  Years of counterproductive regulation has slowly killed the world’s best healthcare system.  The ACA promises to eviscerate it completely for the sole benefit big insurance companies, big pharma, the IRS and other governmental toadies.

The economy is run by the shadow government at the Fed and security state has been turned upon the citizens that it was supposed to protect.

What is the one big difference between the U.S. and the Ukraine?  Why is it that our leaders do not gun us down when we assemble to protest?  The answer is one word.


According to the Daily Beast, “Ukraine’s government is in possession of more than seven million guns, a larger stockpile than every other post-Soviet state combined.”   This compares to about 3 million in private hands.  This gives the government a 2.5: 1 advantage in fire power over the governed.

In the U.S. the odds are much better.  According to the same Beast article, American citizens possess some 310 million firearms versus a mere 3.9 million by military and police forces.  Of course the citizens do not possess tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, ordinance, land mines, fighter planes, bombers, gun boats, chemical weapons, ballistic missiles or nukes.  So the comparison is a bit misleading.

Nonetheless, our elected keepers understand that when they shoot at libertarians, conservatives and Tea Partiers we are likely return fire.  Therefore it is understandable that they want to disarm us.

This also explains why civilian agencies are arming up.  Everyone from the Social Security Administration to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to the National Marine Fisheries Service to the Post Office and to the Department of Education is stockpiling ammunition and assault vehicles.  Snopes verifies the quantity of munitions that these seemingly harmless government agencies are stockpiling but paints a happy face on it but I‘m not buying it.  They would like us to swallow the government line – hook, line and sinker.

Just as the post Civil War Union government turned its war making machine on the Native Americans out West, our government is poised to turn its empire sustaining weaponry on us.

According to the ACLU, “Through federal grant programs, state and local police departments have virtually unlimited access to military equipment and training at no cost.” This is surplus or obsolete weaponry from America’s foreign adventures.   Thus, policing is becoming ever more aggressive, gratuitously violent and intimidating.

One must wonder why.  In a country that boasts the world’s most powerful armed forces as well as heavily armed state and local police, our mailmen, educators and Social Security employees need to wield lethal force?

Which brings us back to the title question, “Are we Kiev?”   Not quite yet, but our Lords of State can dream, can’t they?  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

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