Tuesday, March 3, 2015

President Nucky O

Fans of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire may recall how the series opened with protagonist Nucky Thompson fervently denouncing demon alcohol before the Ladies Temperance League.  In the very next scene the same Nucky Thompson schemes with his cronies to make millions by subverting the new Prohibition laws and keeping AC awash in hooch.

Do you think that President Obama was aware of the eerie parallels as he denounced China’s proposed new Internet restrictions?  Was he coyly imitating art with his real life performance?

If he did not get it, surely some of his Tinseltown toadies must have caught the joke. Only days before, this same president did an end run around Congress to impose Net Neutrality by dubious administrative fiat. 

The Prez berated Beijing for forcing “all foreign companies, including U.S. companies, to turn over to the Chinese government mechanisms where they can snoop and keep track of all the users of those services,"  

Isn't this the same guy who ratcheted up NSA surveillance of U.S. citizens and foreign dignitaries to unprecedented levels.  The same man who forced Edward Snowden into exile and keeps Julian Assange an international fugitive?

Even most of the press corps, his rooting section, believe that the President is spying on them.  His own guys can’t trust him. 

Like Nucky before the temperance league, Obama was playing for Silicon Valley.  Like all statists he sells the illusion of protection while stabbing constituents in the back.

Like the U.S., the Chinese government justifies its excesses by blaming terrorists and the need to protect “state secrets”.

The very fact that People’s Republic or the USA has “state secrets” flat out contradicts the claim that either is a “government of the people, for the people and by the people”. 

Can state secrets by justified by the same logic as the national debt?  Apologists for government debt tells us not to worry, we owe the money to ourselves.  Does that mean that we keep secrets from ourselves too?
No one keeps secrets from themselves unless they in pathological denial.  This means that the keepers of state secrets are either hiding bad things from us or they are deranged.  I vote for a combination of the two. 

A couple of weeks ago, both guests on the OnFire Radio Show, referred to the high level government officials as psychopaths.  They may be on to something.  Perhaps like Norman Bates, the men at the helm of states lose touch with who and what they are.  The lose sight of right and wrong as we most people understand it by kindergarten.

Thus Enoch Malachi Thompson and Barack Hussein Obama share something else besides intriguing Middle Eastern names.  Both share the uncanny ability to charm and appear reasonable, even loveable, while coolly presiding over murder, plunder and fraud.

President Nucky Obama indeed.

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