Saturday, May 24, 2014

God, Guns and Misplaced Faith

In this month’s Catholic Star Herald, the newspaper of the Camden Diocese, Father Robert J. Gregorio writes an impassioned plea to neuter Americans’ right to defend life, limb, liberty and property by repealing the Second Amendment.

Unfortunately, Father, chose to begin his chain of reasoning by invoking Germany’s decision to place speed limits on the autobahn for the greater public good.  In boxing, this is called “leading with your chin”.

Father opens his article with the phrase, “Not that long ago in Germany”.  Ok, let’s talk about what went down in Germany no so long ago.  The Nazi Party disarmed its political opponents.  They made it felonious for any Jew to own firearms.  How did things work out for those disarmed Jews?

In the Soviet Union and then later in Maoist China private gun ownership was banned.  In both countries and in others as well, the banning of firearms has routinely resulted in the genocide of millions

Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Communist China had one other feature in common as well.  All three suppressed religion.  Yes, to some extent, they allowed the freedom to “worship”.  They allowed people to go into their church buildings to hold services but they were forbidden to put their faith to work outside of the church walls.  Sound familiar?

The left is at war with people of faith in America.  This is most evidenced in the HHS mandates and in civil rights actions against those who object to same sex marriage.  Candidate Obama spoke volumes of the elite’s contempt for devout, salt-of- the-earth Americans when he dismissed them as rubes that cling their “guns or religion”.

Should we be afraid of our own government?  The short is “yes”.  Federal agencies from the Post Office to Homeland Security from the Social Security Administration to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are stockpiling weaponry. This same government is also growing more and more intolerant of whistleblowers who see the king in all his nakedness and call attention to it.

On a local level our police forces and turning into paramilitary units by recycling the cast-off battlefield weapons of our international wars.  In addition to this we know that our government is spying on as and the NDAA authorizes it to indefinitely jail supposed enemies without warrant or recourse to habeas corpus.
Like the cowards that they are, government bullies the old and the weak.  They sent in a small army to harass septuagenarian, Cliven Bundy.  They backed off only when massed militia forces stood them down. The Feds are also picking on 70 year old medical marijuana patient, Larry Harvey in Washington State, looking to send him to prison.  This is the same government that killed innocent women and children in Waco and Ruby Ridge.  Locally, in my home town, the police fire bombed the local Black radical group, The Move, killing women and kids.  Need I go on?

Lawless states, such the one that America is fast becoming, cannot tolerate dissent.  Religious minorities are often the most truculent dissenters, and therefore bear the full brunt of State suppression.  However, God’s people need not be trampled upon by Philistines.  Mosses, Joshua, Saul and David understood this.  Judah Maccabee got it.  Solomon did not and this led to destruction of the kingdom.

Yes, gun ownership entails risk.  Diving cars and flying planes entail risks that kill thousands yearly.  The foods that we consume, the beverages that we drink and the drugs that we take each entail risk and side effects.  Free enterprise implies the risk of failure and bankruptcy.  Freedom is risky but freedom is also glorious.  Freedom empowers humans to be all that they can be.  Freedom is the only hope of human kind ever lifting itself out of the mire poverty and destitution.  We see that lesson repeated over and over again in the Developing World.

Freedom requires a free people to be able to protect itself from the usurpations of authoritarian regimes.  Freedom requires an armed and vigilant people.  We cannot depend on government to protect our liberty.  Like the Stockholm Syndrome, that is a dangerous delusion of placing trust in your captor.

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