Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Occupy The Tea Party

A recent headline in WND Money proclaims that BANKS EXHALE AS TEA-PARTY POWER FIZZLES


Here in 2014, few seem to remember that the Tea Party movement did not coalesce as racist mob out to lynch Barack Obama.  Instead, it united in protest of what then candidate, Bob Barr, called the BOMB, that Bush Obama McCain Bailouts.  The Tea Party was launched to crusade on behalf of capitalism, free markets, fiscal responsibility and monetary sanity, not on cultural or racial animus.


Not long after the election of President Obama, another populist uprising emerged, the Occupy Movement.  This bunch was younger, scruffier and less respectful of private property than the Tea Partiers.  Yet they had much in common.


Both objected to the bailout of millionaires and billionaires who could not competently manage their companies or their investment portfolios.


Like all decent and compassionate people, both would like to see health care provided to all deserving Americans.  Of course their solution differed.  The Tea Party opted for deregulation so as to unleash the power of free markets, drive prices down and make quality care affordable for the masses.  The Occupiers would opt for single payer.  Both would agree; however, that the Affordable care Act is little more than a sop to Big Insurance, Big Pharma and the AMA while giving free pass exemptions to favored corporations and labor unions.


The Occupiers and the Tea Party also joined hands in opposition to the Fed’s expansionist monetary policy, particularly those of both camps who supported Ron Paul.  Once again this is a policy that benefits only the wealthiest of Americans while doing material harm to the average citizen with a savings account or is living on a fixed income.  Additionally, currency inflation has been used by regimes throughout history to finance unpopular wars and obscure their true cost.


We see the same problems.  We see that corporatism and crony capitalism are at the heart of America’s material woes.   We differ as to the cure. This is why Daryl Brooks, Mark Falzon and I reached out the Occupy Trenton in 2011 to try to bridge the gap.


Together we can make life uncomfortable for corrupt politicians and their corporate clients.  This is why Ralph Nader is calling for an alliance of “authentic conservatives, libertarians, progressives and liberals” to combat this infestation.


The fight must start with an understanding of economics based in human action, an appreciation for natural and just law, an insistence government in accordance with that law and an abhorrence of arbitrary rule by the whims of men.


But most of all it requires fortitude and commitment, because tyranny never sleeps.


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