Saturday, May 10, 2014

How Socialism Makes You Stupid

Due to an ongoing paper shortage, newspapers in Venezuela are beginning to reduce the number of pages per edition.  Instead of following the old New York Times adage of delivering “All the news that’s fit to print”, Venezuela will instead need to adopt Rolling Stone’s alternate model of “All the news that fits”.  Which won’t be much.

With other paper goods also in short supply, including toilet paper we could also expect to see few and thinner books, textbooks, magazines and professional journals published as well.  The results of fewer and depleted reading materials can only lead to a less informed and poorly educated, hence, dumber Venezuela.  Welcome to yet another version of Workers Paradise!

But it doesn't end with just with supply shortages or in Venezuela for that matter.  The dumbing down of American students relative to other nations and in absolute performance has been hashed over enough elsewhere that we need not bother proving it here.  Rather it is important to note that this decline has occurred concurrently with our public schools becoming ever more politicized and unionized.  In a word, socialized.

In a recent blog post, economist and social critic, Thomas Sowell, berates the Obama administration for blocking improved educational opportunities for underprivileged Black kids by kowtowing to unions to block charter schools.  He call out Attorney General Eric Holder for playing racial politics and preventing schools from administering much needed discipline if the perpetrators are kids of color.  This only makes for disruptive classrooms where no one learns anything except that protected classes get passes.  Holder’s school discipline policy reinforces in-school behavior that no employer can tolerate in the workplace.  Dumb and dumber.

Here in Soprano State, our schools are failing while we reward politically connected unions, administrators and contractors with lucrative packages while performance lags.  In fact, the worst performing districts are routinely those with the highest per pupil spending.  For instance, Camden spends $27,000 yearly on each student (50% above the state average) yet produces a graduation rate of only 49%.

The only thing that the kids learn is what the Mercedes, BMWs and Lexus models look like as they survey the faculty parking lots.  We know where the money goes. Watch The Cartel movie on YouTube and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Socialism and school politics also corrode the content of education.  Political correctness stifles debate, the free exploration of ideas and expression in the classroom.  It narrows and confines thinking.  Modern textbooks are little more than indoctrination manuals, preparing students for a life of unquestioning submission to state authority.

Yes, socialism really does make us dumber.  This is just fine for the ruling elite.  A dumb people are a submissive people. Like sheep, dumb people are dependent upon their masters.  Let us remember that welfare state was invented in the 1800s by German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck to lull the German people into subservience to authority.  Bismarck was quotes as saying, “My idea was to bribe the working classes, or shall I say, to win them over, to regard the state as a social institution existing for their sake and interested in their welfare.” 

In other words it made them dumb and lazy.  It made them sheeple.

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