Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Freedom Boot Camps - A Voluntary Free Market Middle Ground on Immigration

Perhaps the varying positions on the current immigration crises can be categorized into three buckets:
A.      The Conservative Position – “They broke our laws, round ‘em up and deport them.”
This in not going happen, not with this President or with this Senate.  Nor is it necessarily the right thing to do.  Do we really expect the Feds to do a clean and surgical job of breaking into people’s home and carting them away?
B.      The Libertarian Position“Let ‘em stay and then sink or swim on their own merits just like in bygone days.”  This is also a pipe dream.  Clearly many immigrants will become productive, self supporting citizens and a handful will even become shining success stories. But many will also flounder and today’s America will not let them hit bottom.  Like it or not, many will become long term wards of the welfare state.
C.      The Progressive Position“Bring it on.  We’ll take care of as many that come for as long as necessary.”  This is untenable and immoral.  It is the embodiment of Margaret Thatcher’s axiom that, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.”
The reality is that most of the immigrants are here to stay and that, within a generation, about 30% of Americans will boast of at least some Latino lineage.  That voting bloc will nurture fond memories of those whom they believe were good to them and harbor resentments against those who were not.
My immigrant grandfather was an ardent New Deal Democrat.  Franklin Roosevelt was a god in his home.  Not only did he vote Democrat until the day that he died, so did my Dad, except for that brief moment when crazy long-hairs were burning flags in Sixties. 
Liberals are building an electoral force that may persist through the end of this century.  What to do?
Let me suggest a course of voluntary, positive action to put immigrants on the path of becoming liberty loving Americans. 
We all know that the Federal government is using our tax dollars to collect up immigrants and stash them away in empty spaces throughout the country.  In effect, they are planting the seeds of future political domination in each and every state.
Freedom lovers can do the same.  Big money libertarians and conservatives such as the Koch Brothers should begin to pony up money to take immigrants out of government hands and to place them into what I would call Liberty Boot Camps.  Additional funding should come from the many American CEOs who are calling for immigration reform in order create a cheaper labor pool.
In Liberty Boot Camp, newcomers would learn the skills needed to survive in America and also be exposed the virtuous philosophy of free markets, personal freedom and individual responsibility.  Likewise they would be taught about the horrors of overbearing and intrusive government.
As 501c3 organizations, these camps would divert massive sums of money from government hands. That can never be bad.
Such a project should not rely only on checks written by the big guys.  Think tank scholars from places like Cato, Mises, Acton, Heartland, Heritage and the Manhattan institutes should design and teach an easy to learn freedom curriculum.  Ordinary, everyday people can volunteer to help out.  Not only will this cut costs but it will allow immigrants to interact with friendly and helpful Americans who cherish the American virtues of self reliance, neighborly support and individual responsibility.  Think of this as one big Church-type mission to spread the liberty gospel.
Finally, let’s get the newcomers to work.  If we cannot get minimum wage requirements waived for camp residents, let’s find a way to put them into “work study”, internship of apprenticeship programs where they can gain skills to be self supporting and to set out on their own. Perhaps the CEOs could create programs within their companies.
I know that this sounds ambitious and expensive.  I am not a Pollyanna.  But do remember that billions of your tax dollars are already being spent to build a Progressive dynasty for decades to come.  It is the Tammany Hall and Chicago patronage model on a grand scale.

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