Saturday, July 12, 2014

Comping America’s Guests

They're at it again.  That political dynamic duo that saved the Jersey Shore two years ago is back in action.

President Barack Obama and Governor Chris Christie are teaming up in bipartisan fashion to solve two pressing problems; one for the Garden State and the other for our nation as a whole.

The Governor needs to rescue Atlantic City which may have as many as four failed casinos by year end.  The President needs to find places to house at least a portion of the immigrants that are streaming through America’s southern border.

Their brainchild is an innovative solution called Comping America's Guests.  The federal government will pay Atlantic City casino operators to house nearly 5,000 immigrant families in the empty or soon to be empty Atlantic Club, Showboat, Revel and Trump Plaza hotels.  In addition to the rooms, each immigrant family will $100 per day in buffet meal vouchers plus $25 per day in comp slot dollars for each age 21 or older.

"This bipartisan, state and federal, public and private partnership will show the world that America knows how to welcome victims of this humanitarian crisis", said President Obama.  "These first class accommodations demonstrate that America has no second class citizens or citizens to be", he added.

"New Jersey is stronger than the Surge"', boasted Governor Christie, referring to New Jersey's ability absorb its fair share of the unprecedented flow of immigrants.

Industry analysts forecast that the casino closing binge may not yet be finished.  “No problem”, says Atlantic City Mayor, Don Guardian, “the more closings, the more immigrants.  AC is open for business”.

The first wave of America’s Guests is slated to arrive by jitney early next week and will continue until capacity is reached.

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