Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ayn Rand - The Only Immigrant The Left Ever Hated

 Ayn Rand might be the only immigrant that the Left ever hated.

The American Left and its political arm, the Democrat Party, built a solid electoral base within the European immigrant community of bygone days.  In her book, The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys, Doris Kearns Goodwin recounts how an ambitious young Joe Kennedy was rebuffed by Boston's patrician Republican elite.  An angry Joe hitched up with the Democrats and sired a political dynasty.  In Parish Priest, historian David Brinkley recounts how Nineteenth Century Irish immigrants were unwelcome in WASPy New Haven.
The Left found a receptive audience for their schemes of guaranteed employment, social services and cradle to grave security among these ill educated yet hard working newcomers.  They are playing that game to this day.

However, one young Jewish immigrant from Russia wasn't buying it.  Ayn Rand saw firsthand the failure of state socialism and the misery that it created in her homeland.  Despite coming to America with a near-zero proficiency in English, Rand set upon a career in writing and found work in Hollywood.

Collectivists are hard pressed to deny the atrocities that occurred in Rand's native Russia or in other communist nations.  Therefore they have chosen a novel means of attack.  They reproach her for her Godless, "anti-Christian" philosophy.

Is this the best that these hypocrites, this brood of wipers who booed God at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, can come up with?

OK, so she is an atheist.  Got it.  So is about half of Western Europe and North America.  So is every Marxist, and proud of it too.  So they got her on the first four commandments which relate to man's relationship and duties to his Maker.  On the other hand she is probably at par with most of her leftist critics in this regard.

Despite her hard hearted public persona, she evidently honored her mother and father as she tried for years to rescue them from the Soviet Union.  Maybe Lefties are nice to their moms and dads too.  I'll give them that much.

However, on the backside of the Decalogue, those Commandments that relate to how we treat each other, Rand has her Leftie detractors beat hands down.

Let's start with C-10, the admonition against coveting.  The Left is all about envy and coveting.  Redistribution is all about having what others earned without the bother of producing it yourself.  Rand was all about producingAtlas Shrugged is all about Producers Paradise.  

Because they are covetous, Collectivists have no qualms whatsoever with lying, stealing or killing in the name of the Almighty State.  They employ whatever means is necessary, from brute force to currency inflation to confiscate honestly earned wealth and to redirect it to favored constituents.

Rand, on the other hand, preached a gospel of nonviolence and respect.  She stood tall for the inviolable dignity and property of each and every human being. 

This leaves us with the Commandments on sexual sin.  I won't go down that rat hole because pretty much no one passes the purity test.  Still, there are many well documented accounts of Statist regimes forcing women into prostitution.  Rand wins again!

Brand's chief vulnerability is in her open advocacy of selfishness.  In essence, her position is an awkward reworking of Adam Smith's invisible hand.  The point being that each person pursuing his own lawful interest improves not only his own lot but that of the community as well.

If you are a devout churchgoer, Rand may not be your cup of tea socially.  Still, she has done more to advance the cause of peace, human dignity, freedom and prosperity than almost anyone you can name.   Best of all she has exposed the truth that the kingpins of collectivism are wearing no clothes.  And for this, they can never forgive her.

Liberals are particularly incensed that Rand rejects the concept of altruism.  Altruism is the brainchild of August Comte, a Nineteenth Century Socialist.  It taught that the individual was to measure his actions based upon their impact on the community and not to his own benefit.  This is the exact opposite of the invisible hand theory and runs counter to human nature.  Praxeology demonstrates that the ethical acting individual takes action to improve his condition.  In a free society this often entails interacting and exchanging with others to each party’s mutual benefit, despite “selfish” intentions.  This individual autonomy that both Rand and Smith acknowledge and encourage is intolerable to central planners who want to shepherd a nation of sheeple, people who follow instructions blindly for a supposed “greater good”.

For this, the Left hates Rand and wishes that she was the one immigrant who they had turned back.

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