Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is The Democrat Party Shifting Bases?

There are only two groups in the U.S. that are demonstrably better off than they were a decade ago.  The first of these are the big bankers and Wall Street elites who are doing quite well, thanks to the billions that the Fed pumps into their coffers every month.  The other is downtrodden people who came here from impoverished nations.  In their case, there is nowhere to go but up.
Since the outset of the Obama administration conditions for just about everyone else have deteriorated.  This is particularly disappointing for the African American community which has been especially hard hit.
The question is: do the Democrats even care?
The plain facts are that by mid-century people of Hispanic origin will comprise nearly 30% of the U.S. population while the African American percentage will remain constant at 13%.
Catering to the Wall Street billionaires assures Democrats of ample streams of money.  By catering to Hispanics, they schmooze a voting bloc that will dwarf African Americans.
Although Democrats talk tough when it comes to income inequality, they eagerly reward wealthy supporters with crony capitalist deals, bailouts and easy Fed money.  They are also working on behalf of big business to legalize a low wage immigrant work force.
On the Hispanic side of the equation, Democrats have opened the floodgates on the southern border and are pushing for blanket amnesty.  In addition, they are diverting illegal immigrants into every nook and cranny of America in order build effective voting blocs in every state.  And finally, they are buying Latinos off in the good old fashioned way with bribes (a.k.a. social welfare spending).

And where does all this bribe money come from?  Many African Americans feel that is coming at their expense.  And although they are voicing a bit of pique over this, the Dems are coping a “let ‘em sweet potato pie” attitude.  Their calculus is that African Americans will never desert the Party in large numbers for the GOP.
They are probably right; however, opportunities exist to engage the African American community on education and school choice, neighborhood safety and the Right to Bear Arms, the Drug War that imprisons inner city youth, corruption and oppressive regulations that stifle economic opportunity.
This is the message that libertarians and conservatives, not the GOP establishment, can bring to the inner city.  It will get a fair hearing from those that the Democrat Party has failed and abandoned.

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